Covid-19 Astrazeneca Vaccination

Because I have a supressed immune system ( Methotrexate etc ), I was given the Astrazeneca Vaccine first injection today on the 12th of February 2021. The outside temperature was -1 C.

I parked at the Newmarket Racing Centre, where the Rookery Medical Practice have set up their local Vaccination Hub.

The Volunteers and Staff were wonderful. I was directed to a table to gel my hands, another table to confirm my name and then to a station to be injected. The injection was painless. Either the skill of the medics has improved, the needles have become finer or my sensitivity to pain is minimal. As I had driven to the vaccination, I was asked to wait for 15 minutes in the cafe before heading home. I was prepared with a warm cloak.

So, back to the staff and volunteers. They were working in a building with lots of ventilation, windows and doors fully open as it should be. The cafe seemed to be providing as much coffee as they could drink, there was donated chocolate and the cafe provided cups of hot water just so that the volunteers and staff could get the feeling back into their hands.

Seeing the people today was inspiring

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