Nissan Leaf – my journey to work

I purchased a 2014 Nissan Leaf in the summer of 2016 and her first major trial was the journey from Newmarket ( home ) to Baldock (work), just over 30 miles either way.

The rated endurance is 80-100miles, and I quickly learnt the factors that affect this :

  • Temperature: the battery seems to lose capacity in the cold
  • Speed: slow speed = more endurance = upset drivers behind me
  • Drag: I have a single roof bar and ¬†antennas
  • Heater: this also uses a good proportion of your battery
  • Aircon: as above

So, in the winter I am restricted to 55 mph especially as I have no access to a charging point at work. When the temperature was hovering around zero, getting home with the recommended minimum of 20% in the batteries was marginal even at slow speeds without the heater on. 5% was regular.

Its now spring with temperatures around 12 degrees C,  I can go faster and have the heater on. Assuming I am starting from a full overnight charge of 100%, here is a map of the battery depletion.


So, 40% there and 40% home. Its works easily in the summer, but is a struggle in the winter.