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Windows default route and Metrics

I have a windows laptop that I am using for remote debugging. The scenario is that an Engineer takes this laptop to a remote site and starts up the 3G connection and teamviewer. I get remote control of the PC via 3G/Teamviewer and then the remote Engineer plugs the laptop into the equipment so that I can debug.configure it.

The problem is that the default windows settings will prefer the ethernet connection to the 3G connection despite the fact that the ethernet connection does not lead to the internet. Therefore when the ethernet cable is plugged in, we lose the connection.

It is possible to overide the Windows default metrics as follows :
[Windows 7]

1) Open Network and Sharing Centre
2) Change adaptor settings
3) Right Click on Local Area Connection settings
4) Open properties of Internet Protocol Version 4 ( TCP/IPv4 )
5) Select ‘Advanced’
6) At the bottom of the dialog box untick ‘Automatic Metric’ and enter a higher metric manually ( 50 )

To confirm the metric numbers for each interface, open a DOS box ( command box ) and type route PRINT. Metric is the last column. Adjust the metrics up or down relative to each other to change the dynamic routing.